Product Care

All our jewelry are made with care and attention and are therefore vulnerable and should be worn with care. You need to be extra careful while handling your plated jewelry, to be able to use it for the longest time, in its best condition. We advise you not to wear your jewelry during sleep and prevent the jewelry from perfume, alcohol or chemicals.

Silver Jewelry

All silver jewelry is made from 925 Sterling Silver. Silver has the great advantage that it can last a lifetime and does not discolour. Over time, however, silver can become tarnished. This makes the jewelry look a bit duller or gets a black glow or small black spots. This deposit is easy to remove by polishing the jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth or, for example, cleaning it in a soda bath or silver dip. 

Gold Jewelry

For the gold jewelry we also use real silver as a base combined with 14K or 18K  with 1 layer of micron Gold Plating.
If you want to keep the jewelry as new as possible, we always advise you to take it off when using soap products or exercising. This way you can enjoy it for as long as possible!

Green Metallic and other colored Jewel Rocks Jewelry

For the green metallic and other colored plating on silver, please avoid water and frictions with other surfaces if you want it to last longer and treat as collectible items. Items with African white Opal is not water-friendly and will dull once wet due to softness of the stones. If it gets wet, please dry under the sun to restore it's color. 

Tips on how to clean, care & store your plated jewelry

  • As any other jewelry, the first rule applies here as well. Wear your plated jewelry last, after you’ve used your perfume / deo spray / applied your makeup or lotions & given enough time for them to get absorbed into your skin.
  • Remove your jewelry while going for a workout or swimming as the body sweat, seawater (due to salt content), pool water (chlorine content) can damage the plating.
  • Your plated jewelry should not come in contact with nail paints, nail paint remover, shower gel, shampoo etc as these will tarnish the jewelry. Hence plan your chores involving these products, once you’ve removed your plated jewelry.
  • After every use, clean your plated jewelry with a very soft cloth to remove any dirt. If the jewelry requires deeper cleaning, use warm water. Strictly do not use any cleaners.
  • To store, put each plated jewelry piece in a air tight pouch or wrap it in cotton cloth and then place it in a separate compartment or box, separated from other jewelry pieces which can scratch the plated surface easily, causing damages. 

Embrace Beauty!


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